The Grail Journey Through Wales - Megan Wingfield

How can we follow in the footsteps of Mary and her protector Joseph of Arimathea, and honour the ancient landscape?

Under the guidance of the guardians of the land - Merlin and his druids - Megan Wingfield undertook a journey across the spiritual and physical landscape of Wales and surrounding areas of Britain. She discovered what she calls 'the Pathway of the Beloved', Merlin's Way, an energy line which stretches across the landscape from the Scilly Isles through Wales to Whitby in Yorkshire. This was a Grail journey, certainly, but also an acknowledgment that the land itself is a living entity, for the stages of the journey were marked by clearly perceptible energy foci, or chakras.

Touching upon such diverse subjects as the Egyptian mystery schools, the Synod of Whitby and the earliest goddesses of the Celts and of Atlantis, the Grail journey explores the impact that the mind of man - the unbalancing and rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies - has had upon the land, and offers us an understanding of how to aid this balance.

297 pages
59 b/w illustrations
ISBN 978 1 844 01 829
Pub: Athena Press
£9.99 (plus £1 UK p&p)

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A recommended place to stay, both for accommodation and good food, is the Black Lion Hotel, Pontrhydfendigaid. Within walking distance of the heart chakra, Strata Florida, and also within easy driving distance of the solar plexus and throat chakras.

Dominic Ward, Black Lion Hotel,
Pontrhydfendigaid, Ystrad Meurig,
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